Im Herzen der Gewalt

von Edouard Louis. Tafelhalle Nürnberg.

„In ihrer Nacktheit wirken die Männer wie ästhetische Skulpturen […] spielen diese Momente, in denen Vertrautheit durch blanke Gewalt zelebrierend zerstört wird und die schon beim Lesen den Atem stocken lassen […] Ein starker Abend der Truppe um Barish Karademir…“

(Bernd Noack, Nürnberger Nachrichten)

Spiel/Tanz: Florian Sumerauer, Zeynel Alkis, Ulrike Fischer, Tatiana Diara, Lukas Kientzler, Kirill Berezovski, Charlotte Petersen. Bühne/Kostüm: André Schreiber. Video: Miho Kasama.

Im Herzen der Gewalt – Barish Karademir

Barish Karademir creates physical theater productions that take bodies and voices of the performers as the starting point for researching performative material. With his ensemble of actors and dancers he weaves language and movement into multi-layered dance-theater performances.

Im Herzen der Gewalt – (based on the novel by Édouard Louis):

In his autobiographical text Édouard Louis reconstructs a night of rape and abuse. The resulting trauma extends far beyond that night. Im Herzen der Gewalt weighs the incident against the violence in society. It reveals how the violence committed from above, by governments and the police, trickles down to all sections of the population – and lands the hardest on those who are being discriminated against.